I guess I’ve always had this compulsion to document things. A corner of my living room is stacked with shoe boxes full of journals and photographs.

My journey into professional photography was slow and organic. I had been writing music reviews for magazines and websites for several years when I bought a second-hand camera on a whim. I was always at gigs, sometimes four or five nights a week, and I started photographing friends' bands. My photographs were printed in national magazines. I got commissions from editors. My photographs were licensed for ad campaigns across Europe.

In 2011, I photographed my first wedding. It was the week before Christmas, and the sun was bright and there was frost on the ground. I loved everything about that wedding: the deliriously happy grins on the couple’s faces as they signed the marriage certificate, the fairy lights covering the ceiling of the cavernous barn at their wedding reception, the kids with handfuls of cake, the raucous best man’s speech, the tequila-fuelled dancing! I was hooked!

Since then I’ve traveled far and wide to document all types of weddings: grandiose and formal, intimate and barefoot, and everything in between. I love the details, the emotions, the excitement, the personal touches, the traditions across cultures and families.

Brighton is my current home. I live by the sea with a West Highland Terrier called SHARK! and a Staffie called Brie. I love adventures, stories, and sticking photographs all over the walls.


You can see my music/travel photography website HERE.


Rachael Emily - Wedding Photographer