Shabana + Kamrun: Blue Mountain Golf Club, Reading

Back in August, I was working alongside two videographers to document the two-day wedding of Shabana and Kamrun. The first day was at The Blue Mountain Golf + Conference Centre, and the second day took place at The Hilton Hotel in Reading.

After photographing the groom’s families preparations at his parents’ home, I arrived at Blue Mountain to shoot the guests’ arrival. As part of the Baraat, it’s traditional for the bride’s sisters and friends to refuse the groom entry into the venue until he gives them gifts or cash – it’s a really fun part of the day with lots of laughter and banter between the two families. The official ceremony was performed by an imam, and then everyone enjoyed a huge buffet! Finally, the rukhsati is an emotional part of the day where the bride officially leaves her family to join her husband’s.

Many congratulations to Shabana + Kamrun!


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